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SeNino Lake Geneva Magiciane How Nino Cruzillini is Your "As Seen on TV" Lake Geneva  Magician / Comedy Hypnotist in WI. Who Guarantees Guests Will Remember All the Fun They Had at Your Function or Your Money Back!


"Nino Always Delivers an Amazingly Fun Performance for Our Viewers!" WGN News Chgo


Will Other Entertainers Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is?

I Bet You No one will!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Can You Imagine Hearing Loud Uncontrollable Laughter from Your Guests From the Entertainemt Your Hired?

This What You Want Isn't it?

Well Look No Further, Because the Following Pages Will Help You Quickly See How Easy it is to Add a Custom, One of a Kind Variety Comedy Magic, Mindreading and Hypnotism Program to Your Event That Will Spark Up Excitement in Everyone's Eyes!


" It's Not a Bunch of Hype! "

For over 30 years Nino has been making all age celebrations so Successful, he is in countless forms of media - Local Reporters Even Dubbed this Lake Geneva, WI. Magician:

"The Harry Houdini of Lake Geneva, WI."


"World's  Fastest  Hypnotist"

Lake Geneva Wi Magician Nino


"We Had a Great Time ... That Was Fun! This is Why We Came to Your Show!"

Lake Geneva Magician Nino Walker

WI. Governor Scott Walker & First Lady Tonette Walker


But it seems like Everyone Has a Misconception with the Word " Magician." Are they ALL the same?   NOPE!

Don't Expect Big Boxes, Smoke & Mirrors, Animals or Dancing Girls.

There are MANY DIFFERENT types of "Magic Shows" and Performers.

I studied the "Art of Magic," and like many, dabbled in its variety of categories. I have to remind potential clients how I am NOT an "Illusionist" or "Children's Birthday Party Magician."  After explaining the types of magic catorized as a Magician, we're all different. Copperfield, Angel, Blaine, etc.

I Perform Close-Up, Stand-Up and Parlor (or Cabaret) Style Shows. Real Magic Anytime & Anywhere Similar to Penn & Teller, The Amazing Kreskin ...(Not Like the Evil Image of  Svengali the Hypnotist!)

  • "ILLUSIONISTS" use Big Boxes, Props, Dancing Assistants, fog machines, etc.
  • "CLOSE- UP" Street Magic - Cards, Coins and Borrowed Objects.
  • "STAND UP MAGIC, MANIPULATION or SILENT ACTS" with Doves, Rabbits, Silks...
  • "Houdini ESCAPOLOGY" - Handcuffs, Rope, Straight Jacket Escapes, Driving Blindfolded, etc.
  • "COMEDY MAGIC" and themed Shows for Private/Company Parties, Night Clubs, Theaters, Resorts.

Confusing? I Hope Not.

It's up to you to make the proper choice, so contact me to make sure I'm the right entertainer and if I am -

See if I'm even available?


It's a Comfortable Feeling Knowing You Made the Smart Choice Hiring the Right Person for the Job Who Even Travels Worldwide - Isn't It?

Now as You Keep Reading or Clicking Through Important Pages, You'll Feel More Confident Knowing This is Why Fortune 500 Companies Trust Nino and Why You Should Too.

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NO Boring "Pick a Card Any Card" shows

Nino's Custom Programs of Sleight of Hand, Comedy, Hypno Magic and Mind Reading are designed to Involve the Audience and Make Them or The Guests of Honor "Stars" of the Show!

Perfect for Private Parties, Corporate Functions, Country Clubs, Comedy Nights, Theater Productions. Simple props using Cards, Coins, slips of paper, books and mostly Borrowed Objects that will remind everyone of all the fun they had at Your Function when Nino returns it to them!

This is Why, for over 35 years, Nino continues to perform for Celebrities, Public Figures and Corporations.


OK Nino, Sounds Great. Tell Me More Why I Should Hire You?


As More Proof why Nino's Magic Shows are the Smarter Choice, He's also the Trusted "House " in Lake Geneva at the "Voted Best", 4 Diamond, Triple A Hotel: The Grand Geneva Resort since 2011.

Catch the Fun Family Magic in Wisconsin

Milwaukee Magician Nino Cruzillini Hire Best Comedy Hypnotist in Chicago IL

"The Longest Running Comedy Magic Variety Show in Lake Geneva WI"

The Grand Geneva Resort & Spa's Lake Geneva Magic Theater with

Saturdays Since 2011

Hire Stage Hypnotist Milwaukee WI Nino


Beware of "Copycat" Performers and "Descriptions"

Nino is the Original Mind Blowing Blindfolded Dare Devil Driver.

See it Happen Through Downtown Crystal Lake IL.

Filmed by

The Northwest Herald Newspaper  

Blindfold Drive Lake Geneva WI Maxwell Baker Nino Cruzillini


But Wait, There's More!

LakeGenevaMagicshows Nino Cruzillini Hypnotist Baker House Corporate Speaking

See How Nino Will Give You the Positive Results Your Celebrations Deserve.

Check if He is Even Available via Email Now or Call (815) 790-1042 

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Nino ALWAYS Has Ideas to Help Boost Your Crowds or Guests and Make it Unforgettable ...

Crystal Lake mind reader Lake Geneva wi  Houdini Straight Jacket Escape

Look How Nino Beat Harry Houdini's Straitjacket Escape in 1999.

Lake Geneva Magician Nino Cruzillini on WXLT Radio

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What Makes Nino a Different Hypnotist in WI. Who's Easy to Work With?

Newspaper Clipping

 What's Amazing about this native Chicago Hypnotist, is "Mind Power Secrets" he Shares to Quickly Help You Succeed. The Same Techniques Helped Him ..... Overcome a Brain Tumor!

Audiences Discover How To Quickly Unleash Their Hidden Mind Power like a Jedi Master to Improve Business Productivity! Personal Advancement! Rid Phobias, Anxiety! Depression, Stop Smoking,

AND - Even Improve Sports Ability! Golf, Pool Billiards, Baseball, Basketball and More!


Read the Following Pages and See How Easy it is to Bring a Fun Mystery Show to Your Next Celebration!

I urge You Hurry and Reach out For More Details and See if Nino is Even Available

You Got Nothing To Lose!!!

(815) 790-1042

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