"How to Make Your Next Event More Impressive & Unforgettable - Guaranteed"

"How to Bring Nino's Non Stop Variety of Magic and Hypnosis Fun to Your Next Private or Corporate Function and Make it More Successful and Talked About!"

Nino is Your "As Seen On TV"  Magician in Lake Geneva, WI. Who Guarantees If Guests Do Not Have a Fun Time, You Get Your Money Back!

YES That's Right! A 100%, Iron Clad No B.S.  Money Back Guarantee!


“Perfect for our setting that evening ... and I can see you are quite the popular person for entertainment!"

Master Lock


AGAIN - The Press ALSO Calls Nino:

"The Harry Houdini"

of Lake Geneva Wisconsin &

"The World's Fastest Hypnotist" in WI.

Lake Geneva Wi Magician Nino



For over 30 years Nino has been making all age celebrations Amazing Magic Skills.

BUT, as you may have read on Page 1, It seems like Everyone Has a Misconception with the Word " Magician."

Are they ALL the same? - NOPE!

You see, I am NOT and "ILLUSIONIST." So Don't Expect Big Boxes, Smoke & Mirrors, Animals or Dancing Girls.

I Perform "Real Magic" Anytime & Anywhere!

Like Penn & Teller, The Amazing Kreskin ... Not Like the Evil Image of Svengali the Hypnotist!

Get ready to read my thoughts! Have Your Palm Read! Your Future Told! Have Your Zodiac Sign Revealed!  Feel Strange But Funny Invisible Forces Around You- Proving You Too Have Hidden and REAL Magic Powers!


Lake Geneva Theater Magicians WI #lakegenevamagichypno


Chicago hypnotist Lake Geneva magician  Nino

 "For 2 years, this Lake Geneva  Mind Reader has made predictions for major companies and is annually featured in the Northwest Herald's Sidetracks section."

Northwest Herald Newspaper, Crystal Lake, IL.


NEWS MEDIA:  Radio - Mancow, The Loop Radio Chgo, Lake Geneva WLKG FM, Milwaukee WI WKTI FM, Hobbs FM New Mexico, Clear Channel Radio, The Keys Florida, KPER FM Ontario Canada, CBS, NBC, WGN Morning News ....

SATISFIED CLIENTS:  Tarnex Co. Yamaha, Kraft, McDonald's, Burger King, Motorola, Sprint, UPS, Honda, Abbott Labs, Master Lock, Saturn, The Abbey Resort, Lake Geneva Country Club, Big Foot CC, Crystal Lake CC, The Baker House, Maxwell Mansion...

Celebrity Clients:  Former WI. Governor Scott Walker, IL. State Rep Jack Franks, Chicago Bears, Jonathon Brandmeier, Bruce Wolf, Mike Parker, Dean Richards, Dick Biondi, Ronnie Rice, Eddie Cash ...


The Secrets to Leaving a Powerful Impact on Guests:

#1 - Nino is Constantly Featured in the Media for His Talents of Annually Predicting Newspaper Headlines, Driving Blindfolded and has the Only Annual Magic Show Fundraiser on the Planet at The Raue Center for the Performing Arts in Crystal Lake IL since 2001!

#2 - Nino is Trusted by Corporations, the Rich & Famous for his Classy, Unexplainable Audience Involvement, Hypnosis Talks and Lake Geneva Magic Fun!

#3 - PLUS a No Holds Barred 100% Money Back Guarantee, Proving You Hired One of the Best Entertainers on Earth - Period!


That's One Secret WHY The Baker House Loves Nino, and Refuses to Hire ANYONE ELSE!

Lake Geneva Magic Shows Nino Cruzillini

Don't Miss the Unforgettable Vegas FUN at Lake Geneva's Lakefront Magic Mansion Fridays 7pm - 9pm!


A Secret ... Nino's Magic Surprises Makes Everyone Feels Special as

"Stars of the Show!"

Lake Geneva Magic Show Theater Nino

  • Close-Up Street Style Comedy Performances and Stage Shows: Watch as Cards, Coins and Borrowed Items Come to Life in Everyone’s Hands! You'll Hear their Laughter and Positive Energy Surrounding the Room - without Big Box Illusions, Smoke & Mirrors or Dancing Girls.

Wisconsin Hypnotist and Motivational Speaker in Chicago IL

"A Cool Rodney Dangerfield, Andrew Dice Clay Type Magician."


"Your Likable Dean Martin Style & Personal Connection with Audiences."


"I’ve seen you well over a dozen times and find each event to be as entertaining as the first. Not only your magic but your mentalist acts are stunning."


Call or Email Lake Geneva's Magic Comedy Hypnotist Now Before He is Booked Solid!

ninothehypnotist at yahoo.com

(815) 790-1042


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See if Nino is Even Available to Give You the Positive Results Your Celebrations Deserves.

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Remember - Nino Also Has The Longest Running Family Magic Show in Lake Geneva

at Voted Best Hotel "The Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

(the Original Playboy Club in Lake Geneva's Magic Theater since 2011!)

"The Swinghurst Magic Theater"

Milwaukee Magician Nino Cruzillini Hire Best Comedy Hypnotist in Chicago IL

For Tickets to a  Mind Blowing NON ILLUSION Show That's Never the Same Twice!

Call 262-248-8811 & RSVP Today

Magic Variety Show at the Playboy Club

Listen to a Sample of Proof How Nino Works with Your Marketing Ideas to Help Make Your Function More Successful as Your Very Own



"We all had a great time! You're excellent and incredible!"

A.G. Edwards & Sons Financial

Hypnotist in Milwaukee Chicago Comedy Hypnotism Show

What's Amazing about this native Chicago Hypnotist, is "Mind Power Secrets" he Shares to Quickly Help You Succeed. The Same Techniques Helped Him ..... Overcome a Brain Tumor!

Audiences Discover How To Quickly Unleash Their Hidden Mind Power like a Jedi Master to Improve Business Productivity! Personal Advancement! Rid Phobias, Anxiety! Depression, Stop Smoking.

Even Improve Sports Ability! Golf, Pool Billiards, Baseball, Basketball and More!


Nino the Real Wisconsin HYPNOTIST Challenging Skeptics!

Showing You That Hypnosis is REAL, SAFE & NOT Voodoo!

See How this Natural Everyday State of Mind is over 2000+ Years Old, is Used in the Medical Field and How You Can ALSO Improve Your Private and Business Life in Ways You Never Knew Possible!

Watch Doctors, Teachers, CEOs, Lawyers and Tough Biker Crowds "Fall" into Trance Within Seconds!

You Want a Non Stop Show That Keeps Everyone on the Edge of Their Seats and Not Make The Suffer Watching a Long, Boring, On Stage Sleeping Contest!

 Email Nino Today or Call (815) 790-1042

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