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see how nino's programs of Magic, mindreading & Comedy hypnotism makes any Event More Exciting & Impressive - guaranteed!

See Proof How Your Special Events Will Be a Smashing Success with the man the Media Calls:

"The Harry Houdini"

of Lake Geneva, WI."

Personally Tailored Performances design to fit your Setting like a tailor made suit!  Everyone Will Have the Time of Their Lives when They Participate in a variety of Fun and Entertaining Surprises unlike other performer’s “Pick –a Card – Any Card Show” but with Real Mind Reading!


"For 2 years, this Lake Geneva mind reader has made predictions for major companies and is annually featured in the Northwest Herald's Sidetracks section." Northwest Herald Newspaper, Crystal Lake, IL.


Watch as Cards, Coins and Borrowed Items Come to Life in Everyone’s Hands! Unforgettable feats Performed Throughout Your Function that’s Perfect for Cocktail Hour or After Dinner.

Plus Mysterious and Funny programs of Mind Magic where Everyone becomes part of the Show! "Kreskin Like” Mind Reading where they have their thoughts revealed AND they’ll even read Nino’s Mind! What? YES! You Gotta See It To Believe It!

"The World's Fastest Hypnotist!"

Discover How to Bring the Only Roller Coaster Ride of Unexplainable FUN on The Planet To Your Next Function!

Do You want guests Raving about all the fun they had at your event? SURE! That's Nino is Trusted by Millionaires to Entertain for Intimate Home Gatherings, Fortune 500 Companies, Theaters, Country Clubs and Resorts.

His unique and powerful hypnosis shows are fast paced and will not waste your time or money with long boring inductions others have you sit through an On Stage Sleeping Contest!

No! No! No! Nino enlightens you to see Hypnotism and The Power of The Mind is REAL, SAFE, and How You can use it to Better Your Life in ways you never knew was possible.

Participants always return to their seats More Alert! Mind Strong! and Energized! As if they had a full night’s sleep! Making this Milwaukee Magician is the Smarter Choice!

"Thank you so much for an incredibly fun night. Everyone was raving about your show!"  Badger H.S. Staff Holiday Banquet Comedy Magic & Hypnosis Show

"Nino Always Delivers an Amazingly Fun Performance for Our TV Viewers ... "
Jeff Hoover - producer WGN Morning News Chgo. IL

Lake Geneva Regional News


For More Jaw Dropping Mind Reading & Hysterical Zanies Comedy Club Style Excitement, Contact Nino Now:

Email Nino Chicagos' Best Comedy Hypnotist and Master Magician Today Before He's Booked Solid!

Wisconsin Hypnotist and Motivational Speaker in Chicago IL815-790-1042

Radio Show Hosts: Tom & Emily

Fun Street Magic and Hypnosis at the "2012 'Ski Club" at the Mountain Ski Top in The Grand Geneva Resort live on Air with 95 Will Rock Radio Show Hosts: Tom & Emily

Stanton Friedman and UFO Investigator Don Schmitt

Having Fun Amazing Skeptics!
Nuclear Physics, UFO Researcher:  Stanton Friedman and UFO Investigator Don Schmitt were blown away with Nino's Magic in Burlington WI.

You'll See MORE Excitement When You Hire Lake Geneva Wisconsin's:


and Immediately See How Nino is a REAL HYPNOTIST!

NOT like others, who only do Easy Teenage Proms.

Nino Challenges Skeptics!

Watch Doctors, Teachers, CEOs and Tough Biker Crowds

"Fall" into Trance Within Seconds!

That's Why He Protects His Full Show Secrets for Youtube. So Others Don't Copy His Style!

(Serious Clients only can Email NIno for video Details)

Hypnotized Women

That's Why Nino Guarantees in Writing That You're Hiring the Right Professional Who'll Make Your Events More Entertaining or You Get It for FREE! That's Right 100% FREE!

Don't Waste of Your Money and Disappoint Your Guests Hiring a Hypnotist Charging a Few Hundred Bucks. You Just Might be Paying to Watch an Embarrassing, Boring On Stage Sleeping - Contest!


"I can’t believe how much fun this was ... Excellent Job"  -Edward Jones


"We all had a great time! You're excellent and incredible to remember everyone's name!" -  A.G. Edwards & Sons Financial


As a Bonus: Nino's Hypnotherapy Helps You:

  • Overcome Fears and Phobias!
  • Quickly Stop Bad Habits!
  • Magically Lose Weight! Stop Smoking and Say Good Bye to Chronic Pain Forever!

HYPNOTHERAPYLake Geneva Magic Show Theatre

"Nino I Want to Personally Thank You Again. Everyone Had a Fun Time!"

Grand Knight McCormick KC  -  Lake Geneva, WI

Hypnotist in Milwaukee Chicago Comedy Hypnotism Show

 Helping Fight the Opioid Epidemic! 

Nino's New Exciting Program:

"Hyp-NO-Pain" Improves the Quality of Your Life by Eliminating Chronic Pain Forever and reduce Pain Med Addiction!

Reporters are Welcomed to follow up on this unique story your audience will love you for.

Email him to set up an interview or call his office: 815-790-1042

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