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The Media Calls  WI. magician Nino Cruzillini:

"The Harry Houdini of

Lake Geneva, WI"

You are About to Discover the Only Non Stop, Roller Coaster Ride of Unexplainable FUN On The Planet!

Imagine within minutes, Hearing Guests Raving about You for Hiring Nino's Sophisticated Variety of Magic, Mindreading and Comedy Hypnosis Entertainment!

As more proof your functions will be a smash hit, this Milwaukee Magician is constantly featured in the press for:

  • Amazing Reporters by Predicting Their Headlines BEFORE They Were Even Printed!
  • Unbelievable Bending Metal with His Mind!
  • Histarical Clean Comedy H.S. Hypnosis Prom Shows!
  • Impossible Blindfold Driving!
  • Escaping from Triple Locked Straight Jackets Upside - Down, Suspended by Cranes 100 Feet in the Air and Beating Harry - Houdini’s Escape Record! 


"Thank you so much for an incredibly fun night. Everyone was raving about your show!"

Badger H.S. Staff,  Lake Geneva, WI

 Audience members are always the "Stars!" What Surprises are Packed in Nino's Show?

Jaw  Dropping Mind Reading & Hysterical Zanies Comedy Club Style Excitement 


Radio Show Hosts: Tom & Emily

Fun Street Magic and Hypnosis at the "2012 'Ski Club" at the Mountain Ski Top in The Grand Geneva Resort live on Air with 95 Will Rock Radio Show Hosts: Tom & Emily

Stanton Friedman and UFO Investigator Don Schmitt

Having Fun Amazing Skeptics!
Nuclear Physics, UFO Researcher:  Stanton Friedman and UFO Investigator Don Schmitt were blown away with Nino's Magic in Burlington WI.

Why Nino the Magician is Lake Geneva WIsconsin's Very own:


Unlike others who try to hypnotize Easy Teenage Prom Crowds, Nino Challenges Skeptics. He puts Doctors, Teachers, CEOs and Tough Biker Crowds into trance in seconds!

So be careful hiring a hypnotist charging a few bucks. You might be paying to watch a Boring, on Stage Sleeping Contest!

What A Waste Of Your Money! - That's Why Nino Guarantees in Writing That You're Hiring the Right Professional Who'll Make Your Events More Entertaining or You Get It for FREE!

That's Right 100% FREE! No one will do this! That's how you know you hired the Best Stage Hypnotist on The Planet!

"I can’t believe how much fun this was ... Excellent Job!" Edward Jones

"We all had a great time! You're excellent and incredible to remember everyone's name!"

A.G. Edwards & Sons Financial

PLUS as a Bonus: Nino's Hypnotherapy in Wisconsin Helps You:

  • How to Overcome Fears and Phobias!
  • Quickly Stop Bad Habits!
  • Magically Lose Weight! Stop Smoking and Say Good Bye to Chronic Pain Forever!

P.S.  Oh, Forgettabout looking for Nino's Full Video Acts on line. This is done to protect his Secret Speed Style and so others don't copy his years of perfection, and Try to Make it their own! Making Nino your unique Hypnotist in Milwaukee who'll give you a Head Scratching Show!

P.P.S. - To Help Fight the Opioid Epidemic, Nino's Exciting New Programs How to Stop Smoking & "Hyp-NO-Pain" Improves  The Quality of Your Life in Minutes by Eliminating Chronic Pain Forever! 815-790-1042


See How to Get the High Impact Results You Demand!

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