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  As Seen on TV: Nino the Magician and Chicago Mind Reader. 

Nino the Magician in Lake Geneva, WI


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Milwaukee Comedy Hypnotist Shows Nino Cruzillini World's Fastest


Hubertus, WI.  Jan.26, 2019 - An exciting night of entertainment is set where guests will witness the Impossible, the Shocking and Unbelievable Demonstrations never seen anywhere on the planet!  Everyone will become convinced within minutes watching a more than a comedy hypnotism show.  People receive the gift of X-Ray Vision, resist Pain from Fire, see the Real Invisible Man and how no one can pick up and keep a $100 Bill!

 Nino’s rare talent demonstrates hypnotism is real and not to be feared, because he also shows everyone how to use it to improve their lives like he did by overcoming a brain tumor!”

 “A huge money challenge is at stake, because most people think a show like this is fake. This will not be a scary experience, but a funny evening where the audience sees complete strangers transform into real life Super Hero’s.”  Boasts Nino Cruzillini: “The World’s Fastest Hypnotist” of Lake Geneva, WI.  Nino’s Amazing “Mindbender” Comedy Hypnosis Show! Saturday, Jan. 26 at 8pm. Bilda’s Friess Lake Pub - 4493 HWY 167 Hubertus, WI.

 Nino demonstrated his amazing lightning fast abilities for WGN Chicago Morning TV News, Florida and Canadian Radio, and for WI. Gov. Scott Walker!

Reserve your limited seating, $15 tickets by calling the Pub at 262.628.3454

Wisconsin Magic Shows with Governor Scott Walker!

Local Entertainer Appearing on WGN

Nino Cruz Uses Power of Suggestion With Audience

Who Knows, Nino Knows

Does Nino Know?Hypnotic

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Crystal Lake, IL Magic Show Nino

Magic on the Road

Daredevil Houdini BLINDFOLD DRIVE for Charity - Nino the Magician Crystal Lake IL.



With nothing but telepathic messages from his passenger guiding him, illusionist Nino Cruz drove down Williams Street in Crystal Lake Saturday afternoon – blindfolded.

Taking a bit of their magic show on the road, Cruz and partner Glenn Chelius wanted to give people a taste of their act just The partners in magic were relieved when the stunt was over.“You gunned it a couple of times,’’ Chelius said to Cruz afterward.

Saturday’s show raised money for the Raue Center, and the pair’s magic idol, icon Marshall Brodien – the Bozo Show’s “Wizzo,” was honored at the event.

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Brain Tumor Survivor Says:

How Just by Talking to Yourself for 15 Minutes a Day, Could Save Your Life and Help Fight America’s Growing Opioid Epidemic!”

Local Man Reveals and Shares His Hidden Mind Power Secret!

How Just by Talking to Yourself for 15 Minutes a Day, Could Save Your Life!”

A Wisconsin man reveals his simple “Do at Home Trick” that Helps You Overcome Illness, Lose Weight, Be Happier in Life be More Successful Business Relieve Chronic Pain AND Heck - This secret also helped Heal His Brain Tumor!

“This powerful, easy to master, thousand year old art was a form of meditation first used by ancient Egyptians for health and well being and is used more and more in the medical field. But you don’t need to seek professional help to do it!” Says Mind over Matter Expert Nino Cruz.

This Brain Tumor Survivor who Proves Hypnosis Works and Teaches a Real Trick in his shows and in private sessions that helps others make body aches and depression vanish like magic!

 "We enter some form of hypnosis 50% daily. Before going to sleep, waking up, driving, reading, watching TV, even text messaging! You’re awake and conscious, but semi-hypnotized!”

Catch his Saturday magic hypnotism shows at The Grand Geneva Resort. (7036 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva, WI)

Motivational Speaker Nino Cruzillini also helped golfers improve their game with self hypnosis on live U.S. and Canadian radio. To Schedule an interview to help your audience with this everyday natural phenomenon, please call him at 815-790-1042.

Pain Relief

Magician on Radio Show

Bush Gets High Marks As A Public Speaker

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

ROCKFORD, Ill. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – President George W. Bush may stumble over his words during his speeches, but, overall, he’s one of the best speakers to come from the White House in years.

According to speech expert, Nino Cruz – who teaches corporate bigwigs on how to be a powerful public speaker – Dubya is the best presidential public speaker since John F. Kennedy.

Cruz believes Bush’s most recent inaugural speech was “very good” and thinks the prez does a good job of showing confidence when he speaks, even when “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

That quality helped him win the election, says Cruz, who thinks John Kerry’s talking-at-you-instead-of-with- you style is very abrasive to listeners and cost him a lot of votes.

Still, Bush is no Martin Luther King Jr. As Cruz puts it, “He needs to work on making his speeches flow better instead of sometimes sounding robotic like he’s just reading from a card.”

For more information call Nino at 815/790-1042.

Flash News

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